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- 2007 -

Circus School

Yep, you read that right. At the age of 11, I was learning all the skills of a circus performer. Tightrope walking, unicycling, juggling and so much more.

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I know, probably not what you expected. For the next seven years, I devoted hours of my life to practising and trying to learn as much as possible.

A few years after joining Circus School, my teacher Paul taught me my first ever card trick which sparked my passion for what I now do.

- 2011 -

The Magic Circle's Youth Initiative

My mum soon saw that my passion for performing was so much more than just a hobby, so she quickly signed me up to The Young Magicians Club at The Magic Circle in London.

The first time I went along to the monthly meet ups was also the same day that UK magician Dynamo became a member of The Magic Circle.

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I dread to think how much money my mum spent on train tickets to London over the next few years.


But what I do know was that it was AMAZING!

I was taught by some of the top professional magicians in the world and I met some incredible people who I'm still friends with to this day. You can see a picture of my friend Nathan above as we prepared to compete in The Young Magician Of The Year competition.

In September 2017, I passed my examination and became a member of The Magic Circle.

- 2013 -

My First Big Performance

At just 16 years old, I was asked to perform on stage during a large awards ceremony at the Margate Winter Gardens.

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It's still incredible to think that I've been able to perform on the same stage as The Beatles, Blur, Motorhead and even Laurel and Hardy!

- 2017 -

Look Beyond Autism

In 2012, my brother was diagnosed with autism. I decided to work with a charity called Fixers to raise awareness about the day-to-day struggles that people face when they have autism, especially in social situations. 

You can watch the short film here:

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Since making this video, I've given talks at schools and youth groups in Kent to help get rid of the social stigma surrounding autism.

In 2017, I was also diagnosed with autism. If it wasn't for my different abilities I wouldn't be where I am today.

If you want to read the full article click here: Look Beyond Autism

- 2017 -

Uri Geller & Banacheck

Well, this was certainly an interesting opportunity to pick the brains of and learn from two of the most fascinating people in the psychic and magic world.


If you don't know, Banacheck is one of the most prolific mentalists in the world. He was involved in James Randi's Project Alpha experiment in the late 70s. The Project exposed the lack of fairness in parapsychology research.

Uri Geller was a massive television personality in the 70s and 80s. His psychic performances captivated the world. Fun fact, Michael Jackson was the best man at Uri's wedding.

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If you're interested, Banacheck recorded our chat for three episodes of his podcast.


You can listen to the first episode with us here: Banacheck's Brain.

- 2018 -

Houdini's Magic Bar

My favourite place in the world!

In 2018, I passed the auditions to become part of an exclusive group of magicians at Houdini's Magic Bar – the only award-winning magic bar in Kent and the number one nightlife venue in Kent.

We try our best ;)

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Check out my performance dates at Houdini's here: Live Shows

- 2020 -

American TV Appearance

During the UK Coronavirus lockdown, the producers of a new American TV show got in contact with me. They had seen my work online and thought it would make a great addition to their show.

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I'm in Episode 8, Worldwide Wizardry. The episode first aired on 16 May 2020, but you can still watch it online.

Watch the show on Amazon Prime here: Magic Caught On Camera.

To book me for your next event click here: Private Bookings

If you're a magician or mentalist click here: The Successful Mentalist

Want to come and watch one of my shows? Click here: Live Shows

Who Is Ashley Green

The Mind Reader?

So, you want to find out a little bit more about me and what I do?
As you know, I've been lucky enough to appear on American TV, my performances have been viewed all over the world, and I've performed in shows alongside some of the biggest names in magic like Rob Zabrecky and Jeff McBride.
I also teach magicians all around the world through my company The Successful Mentalist.
So, how did it all start?
How did I make a career from reading minds?
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