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About Ashley

Ashley was fascinated by trying to understand how people think and react in different situations. Whilst trying to research this topic Ashley stumbled across something called parapsychology, which is the study of mental phenomena unexplained by traditional scientific psychology. Amazed by what he had just found out he began to look into different forms of psychic entertainment such as fortune tellers and palm readers.

Ashley is proud to be a member of The Magic Circle, having passed his exam in 2017. In April 2018 Ashley joined Houdini's Magic Bar in Canterbury, and has been the resident mind reader ever since. If you would like to see Ashley perform at Houdini's, then please keep an eye out on his social media for regular updates.

On the 18th of June 2018 Ashley made a very interesting prediction about the World Cup. Check out the news article here: World Cup Prediction

Ashley now performs this unique form of entertainment at various events across the UK. So why not get in contact with Ashley to discuss how he can make your event the talking point for years to come.

To book Ashley for your event please fill out the Contact Form.

Magician in Whitstable

In 2007 Ashley was a member of his local youth circus learning how to tightrope walk, unicycle, and juggle. It was here that Ashley started his journey in mind reading.


At age 11 Ashley was shown and taught a card trick from his circus teacher. He was amazed by the reactions people gave from seeing that trick performed. In 2011 Ashley joined The Magic Circles Youth Initiative in London, where he was taught by top professionals from across the world, including Dynamo. Over the next few years Ashley worked hard learning new tricks and developing routines and eventually won an award in August 2014.

So how and why did Ashley learn to read minds?

Well as you most probably know, a magician uses "sleight of hand" and in simple terms, they will make you focus on one hand whilst the other hand does all the work. This requires not only good dexterity but also an excellent understanding of psychology to know how to control the audience.

Predicting The world cup June 2018

Houdini's Magic Bar - April 2018

Skype call with Banacheck and Uri Geller - 

The Magic Circle -  September 2017

Fixers - Autism Awareness - April 2017

Tri angle Awards winter gardens - June 2013

The Magic Circles Youth Initiative - 2011

Circus School

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