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The Mind Reader

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"Absolutely ridiculous.

Still don't know how you

got my password. Rattled!"

- Sam Billings -

England Cricket Team, and Captain of the Kent Cricket Team

Okay, here goes – here come the usual plugs and egotistical statements...

  • I've appeared on the American TV show 'Magic Caught On Camera' shown on Amazon Prime and the TRVL channel.

  • I've performed in shows with some of the biggest names in magic.

  • I'm a member of The Magic Circle.

  • My performances have been viewed all over the world.

  • I'm a teacher and mentor to magicians around the globe.

But, above all else, what I do isn't just a 'job' – it's a lifelong passion that I'm dedicated to. I genuinely love to take people on a journey, allowing them to escape into a world of mystery and wonder. My job is to make people happy, and what could be better than that.

About Ashley Green


Well, in short, I'm a mind reader. I have a strange ability that allows me to delve deep inside people's minds and learn the most fascinating things about them.


But it doesn't just stop there. My intuition has allowed me to successfully predict the World Cup, the Grand National, lottery draws, and the fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can see all of my predictions here: Ashley Green Predictions.

So, who am I? What do I do?


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The head of a TV production company in America caught wind of my work and asked me to feature on a new TV show in May 2020. The show was broadcast to audiences across America and is currently available on Amazon Prime.

I'm also the Co-Founder of The Successful Mentalist. We're dedicated to teaching and mentoring magicians and mentalists to improve their performances, business and mindset. We have a reach going across 50+ countries, so be sure to check us out!

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To read more about me click here: About Ashley Green

If you're a magician or mentalist click here: The Successful Mentalist

Want to come and watch one of my shows? Click here: Live Shows

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