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"One of THE BEST online shows I've attended!

Highly recommended"

- Ross Bartels -

"Ashley's show was AMAZING.

The storytelling and message behind it was so elegant, the ending was phenomenal"

- Charlie Robinson -

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Perfect for virtual conferences, awards ceremonies, team building and board meetings.
This isn't anything like a regular online magic show. Everyone will be involved in a highly interactive experience.
The aim of these shows is to eliminate Zoom fatigue, re-capture attention and fill everyone with excitement!

"This is what mind reading should look like, and for whoever knows me, there is no better compliment.

I enjoyed every moment of it"

- Phedon Bilek -

"A great performance by a great performer.

Baffling and entertaining"

- Drew McAdam -

Enquire Now

Enquire Now
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Every event is unique, so I'd love to talk with you to discuss how I can help make it a success.

Thank you!

Myself or Dean will be in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively, feel free to email or phone:
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